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Entry #22

Killing the metaphorical cow...of justice

2008-08-06 15:06:07 by Unclemonty23

So yeah, cakeofbeef kinda spilled the metaphorical "beans" about our animation partnership with that obscenely long post of his...Yep, it's true. He's doing most of the animating/special FX and I'll be doing a majority of the voices/writing. An uneven trade... possibly, but it'll work out for me in the end.

Neither of us have a clue as to when our first movie will be released, but I promise it'll be better than that scar on the metaphorical ass of society known as "No Terry", which cakeofbeef wasn't involved with..
I really am sorry for that one...

But hopefully this'll make you feel better...

/* */
90% of the sounds in this are from Alice in Wonderland
You can download the song here

Anyway, I think this'll be my last news post for awhile (Thank God!)

And now enjoy this wonderfully trippy video while I'm gone.

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On an ending note, this was actually a kids TV show for a short time, but this episode caused it's cancellation...I wonder why...

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2008-08-12 00:24:17

last vid is hilarious as someone thought it was a good kids show