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2008-07-13 20:14:13 by Unclemonty23

I've pretty much decided to stop voting on movies because when a person has a high level it implies:

1. You have nothing better to do with your life than vote on 5 flash movies every day for points that will most likely never actually effect you in real life.

2. You are the stereotypical fat 13 year-old kids who stays on NG all day long playing Flash games and watching Awesome movies...

As awesome as that sounds to me, I'd rather be doing something else...

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2008-07-16 12:44:40

Voting on five movies a day doesn't take that long.

Unclemonty23 responds:

But why do that when you can be indifferent?
If you notice, all the people who run the site have low accounts.
Even Tom is level 11.

The votes really don't matter once they're past Judgment.


2008-07-29 20:59:29

lol @ video